Technical Data Sheet  Honey Filtering

Particle Solutionz has 8 years' experience in filtering honey – all types from creamed Manuka Clover blends to liquid honey. The honey is processed through a nylon filter bag, inside a GAF filter housing, to remove foreign
particles prior to creaming. The second stage of filtration is "polishing" through a finer nylon or polypropylene filter bag to catch minute bits ofwax or particles which may have been suspended in the liquid.

GAF filter systems are an operator friendly, efficient and accurate filtration method, with honey processed as low as 100 micron before packing. GAF filter housings are manufactured only from304 or 316 grade stainless steel....

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Changing of bag filter packaging, boxes and labels

Dear Colleagues Eaton Filtration Shanghai will change the filter bag packaging and bag labels to the Eaton packaging from 10 April 2006 and single bag vessel packaging from 17 April 2006. This is to reflect our new more

Eaton Corporation Acquires Hayward Filtration

The Board of Directors of Hayward Industries has accepted an offer from Eaton Corporation to acquire the Hayward Filtration business. As such, a definitive purchase agreement, dated July 8, 2005 has been signed with a projected close period within the third quarter.

Water Standards Compliance Needs to be Properly Managed

The New Zealand Water and Waste Association is supporting the formation of a "Small Water Systems" Special Interest Group. The group will be responsible for ensuring quality control and proper training amongst the various groups, businesses and organisations involved in this area. Read more ...

Assured Performance for Filter Bags in Contact with Food

Filter Bags are widely used for the filtration of fluids which are either directly or indirectly used as foodstuffs. In most applications, these types of filters must be carefully applied to ensure that no contamination to the foodstuffs results from their use. Read more ...

ACCUGAF - For the removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium

Particle Solutionz and Hayward Industrial Products has developed the AGF-51 Filter Bag with the unique layering technology that provides unparalleled performance in areas that have previously not been possible with filter bags. Read more ...

LOFCLEAR 100 SERIES - High Performance at a Great Price

Particle Solutionz is pleased to announce an upgrade to the industry-proven LOFCLEAR 100-Series high performance filter bags. Read more ...



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