Water Standards Compliance

Water Standards Compliance Needs to be Properly Managed

The New Zealand Water and Waste Association is supporting the formation of a "Small Water Systems" Special Interest Group. The group will be responsible for ensuring quality control and proper training amongst the various groups, businesses and organisations involved in this area.

Particle Solutionz Ltd is already a member of the NZWWA and is joining the Special Interest Group. Managing Director Ivan Sisson says" We want to be there from the start, because it is vital that industries, private groups and companies involved in supplying or using public and private water are meeting the new standards. This is a major health issue for New Zealanders and we need to ensure effective self regulation and training is developed to comply before government and the Ministry of Health regulate for us."

About 28% of the New Zealand population is served by smaller municipal and private water supply systems, this includes commercial and private users of lesser size than require current registration and compliance. Over 13,000 dairy farms are being progressively required to meet the new water standards for cleaning milk contact surfaces, plus other rural farms and businesses such as horticulture, cropping, livestock and forestry. Many businesses in metropolitan areas may also find that their water supply is not up to the new standard.

Ivan Sisson says" These users want a reliable, efficient and secure system that is easy to use and maintain. Many existing installations will not comply, and have been installed by people with no formal training or qualifications. Any health risks or problems due to poor design, installation or maintainence create liability issues and the potential for government agency intervention."

For the removal of giardia and cryptosporidium from water supplies, there is no better guarantee than the physical barrier. Bag filtration provides this barrier. Particle Solutionz offers a range of products and installations to ensure compliance. The AccuGAF AGF-51 filter bag with unique layering technology now provides unparalleled performance in areas that have previously not been possible with bag filters. Employing several novel techniques, the AGF-51 filter bag increases efficiency and extends performance. One area of particular interest is surface water filtration, which has traditionally been dominated by cartridge filtration. The new technology provides a high efficiency media combined with high capacity pre-filters for effective removal of giardia at a 99.999% rate.

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