Assured Performance for Filter Bags in Contact with Food.

Picture1.jpgFilter Bags are widely used for the filtration of fluids which are either directly or indirectly used as foodstuffs. In most applications, these types of filters must be carefully applied to ensure that no contamination to the foodstuffs results from their use. Most of the materials used to manufacture disposable filters (this includes bag filters and cartridge filters) are polymers, which are generally selected for their purity in the application. Many of these materials however, contain materials which can diffuse out of the plastic into the process fluid. This effect, know as migration, can lead to foodstuff contamination.

For this reason, in many areas, the use of plastics is limited to materials which have demonstrated safety by foodstuff regulations. Filtration components therefore, must satisfy the requirements of safety and these regulations in each application in direct contact with foodstuffs.

CLEARGAF is the first and only series of filter bags specifically designed for the requirements of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Comprised of several filter styles, all CLEARGAF are the only filter bags to deliver:

  • Fully FDA Compliant Materials per 21CFR177
  • Fully EC Compliant per 90/128/EEC
  • Independent testing and certification
  • Special packaging and warehouse control

For more information on the CLEARGAF range, telephone Particle Solutionz and we will send you our comprehensive brochure, or click here to view this brochure PDF.

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