Bag Filtration Best Insurance for New Zealand Water Standard

New water supply standards being introduced in New Zealand require giardia and cryptosporidium to be removed. This will be a major issue for some businesses, as well as small private water suppliers.

Removal of giardia and cryptosporidium requires filtration to particles smaller than 5um. The physical barrier of filtration can provide up to 99.999% removal rate.

Pressurised forward flow is the operating principle behind GAF liquid bag filtration. The vessel consists of three parts: the filter vessel, the restrainer basket, and the filter bag. The liquid to be filtered is fed into the top of the filter bag, which is supported by the restrainer basket. This allows the liquid to be distributed evenly over the total filtration surface, resulting in constant flow distribution over the medium with no negative effects of turbulence.

The liquid flows from the inside to the outside of the filter bag. The trapped particles remain inside the bag, allowing filter bag changeout to take place without contamination of the downstream fluid. The handles designed into GAF filter bags make bag replacement fast and easy.

The stainless steel wire mesh restrainer basket has a standard 1.4mm opening. This allows a large free surface area which exhibits the following characteristics:

  • High flow rates
  • Increased filter bag service life
  • Even flow pattern for the equal distribution of contaminants over the filter medium
  • Optimum filtration efficiency

Particle Solutionz distributes Eaton, GAF and a number of other international brand filter products and systems that comply with the new water standards. They have the stock range and the expertise to help resolve issues arising from the new regulations. They can discuss specific needs and develop customised installations that suit particular businesses and budgets.

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