Miniline Filter Vessel

Compact, Lightweight Stainless Steel Filter Vessels with a Choice of Three 4" Diameter Bags

With 1-1/2" or 2" threaded connections. MINILINE vessels from Eaton are designed for self-supported installation. Stainless steel construction means years of reliable, precision filtration with no concern about corrosion problems and at a price that compares favorably to carbon steel. MINILINE vessels are available in two different series: EBF for lower pressure applications, and SBF for higher pressure applications.

Value Added Features

  • Side inlet piping connection
  • Sizes for #03, #04 and #05 filter bags
  • Buna N™ seals standard
  • Stainless steel basket
  • 1-1/2" NPT threaded connections (#03 and #04 bags)
  • 2" NPT threaded connections (#05 bag)
  • Maximum temp/press of 300 psi/250F­Type SBF
  • Maximum temp/press of 150 psi/250F­Type EBF
  • Evacuation cover with hinged swing bolt closure­ Type SBF
  • Concave cover with V-clamp closure­Type EBF
  • Self-supported installation
  • Fabricated construction
  • Type  304 & 316 stainless steel



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